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Turkish troops shelled 19 Syrian settlements

Caucasus (, - At least 19 settlements located in the border districts of Ash Shehba and Afrin in the Syrian province of Aleppo came under fire from Turkish troops on Monday.

According to the Firat agency, the artillery of the Turkish army fired 545 shells at them. According to him, in the village of Tanib, a post of the Syrian military came under fire, as a result of which three soldiers were killed.

On Sunday, five more members of government forces were killed. In total, according to Firat, since November 20, when the Turkish military operation "Claw-sword" began, the loss of Syrian troops stationed in the north of the country amounted to 22 killed. 35 fighters were killed in the ranks of the Kurdish "Forces of Democratic Syria".

Earlier, the command of the Syrian Armed Forces deployed military reinforcements and 20 armored vehicles to the province of Aleppo to repel a possible Turkish invasion. Government forces took up positions in the areas of Manbij, Tell Rifaat and Ain al-Arab, which are in the hands of the Kurdish forces.

In turn, according to the Al Akhbar newspaper, several convoys with weapons and ammunition have been moved over the past 48 hours through the Bab es-Salam checkpoint to the Ankara-created security zone in northern Syria. Opposition sources told the publication that combat readiness was declared in the pro-Turkish formations stationed in the border regions of Aazaz, Jerablus and Al-Bab.

Turkish troops shelled 19 Syrian settlements