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Zuckerberg unveils new corporate values ​​Meta

Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the fact that Facebook's values ​​were formed in 2007, the company has grown during this time and it needs a fresh look at corporate culture. The leader published theses on his Facebook profile.

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The new Meta values ​​look like this:

"Move Fast" - you need to learn and complete tasks as quickly as possible. If a task can be completed right now, then you need to take it right away, and not leave it for the next week. Employees should remember that Meta's success depends on their speed;

"Build Awesome Things" - The company's products must inspire people and must be useful. Zuckerberg noted that billions of people already use Meta services, but now we need to work to ensure that these tools impress users;

"Live in the Future" - employees must understand that now opportunities are not limited by geography and specialists from different parts of the world can work on one project. Meta will continue to look for innovative approaches to business organization;

"Be Direct and Respect Your Colleagues" - Team members must be prepared to make decisions in lively discussions of problems and must express their point of view directly. But you also need to show respect and understand that the world's industry experts work at Meta;

"Focus on Long-Term Impact" - I will build the company's services and products, taking into account the fact that they will be used for a long time.

"Meta, metamates, I" (Meta, Metamates, Me) - the company will become a single organism in which each part of it takes care of each other.

The Washington Post reported that some Meta employees ridiculed the new values ​​and called them "ideological flushing at the corporate level." Also, many were confused by the wording of the last principle. Employees assumed that now the corporation would require them to put the company first, then their colleagues, and only themselves in third place. The CTO of Facebook responded to this concern and said that the last point is a paraphrase of the naval saying “Ship, shipmates, I” (Ship, shipmates, self) and this phrase has been used by the Instagram team for a long time.

Zuckerberg unveils new corporate values ​​Meta