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The application Gosuslugi Avto has a function to appeal fines

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia has expanded the functionality of the mobile application "Gosuslugi Avto". Now users can use it to appeal fines for traffic violations.

To do this, you need to open the application, go to the section with payment of fines and select the one you need. If it is possible to appeal it electronically, a corresponding button and information on the deadlines for appealing will appear. Next, you should select the reason for the appeal, upload supporting documents (photos and videos) and wait for consideration.

The Ministry of Digital Development explains that only fines for violations recorded by traffic police cameras can be appealed online. The decision is made within 10 days, the department may request additional documents.

The Public Services Auto application was launched in the fall of 2021, and to date it has been downloaded by about 1.5 million users. The application allows you to download a vehicle registration certificate and present it to the traffic police officer in electronic form, sign up for car registration and replacement of a driver's license, pay traffic police fines, view the history of the car and download an extract from the state register of traffic police vehicles.

In the future, the functionality of the application will expand, the Ministry of Digital Development promises. It is planned that in the future it will be possible to issue a European protocol online, download data on insurance and technical inspection, process the sale and purchase of a car and present a driver's license in electronic form.

The application Gosuslugi Avto has a function to appeal fines