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Paid parking can be expanded to the entire territory of Russia:

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is preparing a scientific rationale for the introduction of paid parking throughout Russia, which will reduce the load on parking lots. It is believed that scientific justification will inevitably be followed by an increase in the number of paid parking lots, including in small towns.

The Ministry of Transport plans to create a system of state regulation in the field of car parking in cities, municipalities, on regional and local roads, as well as in urban areas of large cities.

To this end, it is planned to develop scientifically based proposals for the development of a single parking space in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, taking into account Russian and international experience. According to the terms of reference, it is planned to introduce standards for the number of parking spaces into the legislation of the Russian regions. It is also planned to develop a set of legal and socio-economic relations related to the organization of parking lots and their management.

The creation of unified parking spaces in the regions implies the introduction of a fee for the use of parking lots. The document says that reducing the load on the roads and reducing parking time is possible "mainly by economic methods." In the terms of reference, the analysts of the Ministry of Transport directly say that the new models of parking space will make it possible to replenish the budgets of municipal or city budgets.

Paid parking can be expanded to the entire territory of Russia: