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Russia - Court clarifies business coach clients have no consumer protection rights

Russia (, - When considering a specific case, the Eighth Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction clarified a fundamentally important point: various business coaches are not subject to consumer protection law, as they teach clients some business skills. This means that a dissatisfied client, who for some reason did not become a millionaire, will not be able to demand compensation.

In this particular dispute, the claim was made by a student who bought the course "YAN Advertising Specialist, Market Leader" on the Internet. "YAN" is an advertising network of "Yandex".

Among other things, a person had to learn "10 proven ways to find customers", learn how to make a "do-it-yourself website in one evening" and learn the secrets of how "Google Display Network Advertising" works. And much more. Sounds tempting. But in the end, the "secret knowledge" did not impress the man, and he began to sue the coach.

Today, various courses on the Internet have become a real disease. There was even a special term: "infogypsies". These are specialists who promise to teach everything at once, and for good money. It is clear that the clients of "salesmen of success" are adults and should have their heads on their shoulders. If they allow themselves to be deceived, it means that the head must be blamed first of all. But this does not mean that business coaches are above the law. Recently, information appeared that the Ministry of Labor even prepared a draft standard for business coaches. The document also contains ethical standards, for example, not to mislead the customer.

The Eighth Court of Cassation emphasized only that the pupils of the "infogypsies" do not enjoy the increased protection provided for by consumer protection legislation. That is, it is impossible to demand appropriate penalties and compensation from coaches-krasnobaev, including moral damage.

"The service of access to information materials was purchased from the defendant solely for the purpose of extracting additional income," the decision says.

Speaking in legal terms, the knowledge that a person wanted to receive was not aimed "at satisfying personal, family, household and other needs not related to entrepreneurial activity." Therefore, he can only count on ordinary legal protection: like a businessman offended by another businessman. For example, as the head of the GR practice of a large law firm Dmitry Lesnyak explained, if the service was not provided or not provided in full, it was announced, say, ten lectures, five speakers, and in fact there were eight lectures and three speakers, then in this case you can dispute the situation. "But you need to understand that each case is individual," he stressed.

Russia - Court clarifies business coach clients have no consumer protection rights