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The mother of a student from Karelia, where a man in a balaclava broke into the school, said that the children were forbidden to talk about the state of emergency

On February 21, in Petrozavodsk, a young man in a balaclava came to the class of school No. 46, where he used to study, and tried to attack the teacher during the lesson. The school security guard called the police only after the call from the teacher himself. The attacker was arrested. The mother of one of the students who was present at this lesson, in an interview with said that the headmaster forbade frightened children to talk about the incident.

“At the lesson“ My Karelia ”a man in berets, gloves and a balaclava on his face, with a backpack on his back, entered the classroom. I immediately went to the back of the teacher. The daughter does not remember what he began to do and say, she was very frightened. A fight broke out with the teacher. A classmate who practices sambo immediately reacted and rushed to twist it. A classmate held a man in a mask, and the teacher called security. At that moment, the children realized that the masked man was their former classmate. When the guard came to the classroom, the teacher informed him that the man was a threat. The guard started calling the police. The police came and took him away. All this time, the classmate held back the man in the mask (the guard was standing with the phone). After the detainee was taken away, the lesson continued. The director came to the next lesson and told the children not to say anything to anyone. Nobody apologized,” she said.

The woman clarified that the boy who attacked the teacher had studied in this class for six months and allegedly "came to give a crack to the teacher."

“The boy studied with them in the 10th grade for only six months. The teacher he attacked was their homeroom teacher that year. The boy told one of the guys that he had come to give a crack to the teacher. Many do not like teachers, he is a difficult person. But is it? More outrageous is the reaction of the school administration. The administration did not contact the parents. Even the class teacher was not told anything,” she added.

According to the woman, after the footage from the lesson, filmed by students, appeared in the next day, the head teacher of the school began to threaten that she would deprive them of the last call and graduation. She noted that she wrote an appeal to the supervisory authorities with a request to check this incident.

“In the morning, footage appeared in the media that the guys managed to shoot. After that, the head teacher burst into the classroom in the middle of the lesson and started a conversation in raised tones, how could they tell everything. She said that there would be no last call and graduation, and they still had exams ahead. Now they are in the 11th grade, and the children are afraid of what testimonials they will write for admission. My daughter is not ready to talk. He is very afraid of bullying from the school administration. I wrote an appeal to the supervisory authorities, as soon as I am sure that the check is being carried out, my daughter and her classmates will tell everything, ”she emphasized.

According to the publication "Capital on Onego", a teenager in a balaclava and ankle boots walked freely past the guards to the school. As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Karelia, the appeal to the police came from private security. An administrative report on petty hooliganism was drawn up against the young man. After interrogation, he was released.

The mother of a student from Karelia, where a man in a balaclava broke into the school, said that the children were forbidden to talk about the state of emergency