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Fair Play prizes for nobility await Olympians

Russia (, - The whole history of the now most popular Fair Play movement began precisely at the Winter Olympics with the noblest act committed by the Italian Eugenio Monti. The second-placed English bobsledders had a bob broken. Then Monty took the part off his bean and gave it to the rivals who overtook the Italian team in the last race.

In 1965, the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC) was created, and awarded Monty the first ever "Trophy for Showing Nobility". Since the Beijing Olympics in 2008, this committee, together with the IOC, has been presenting the participants of the Games with their prizes for fair play at the Olympics. So, at the Winter Games-2014 in Sochi, representatives of our country became the owners of the prize for disinterested help. The machine preparing skis for the German biathlon and skiing team broke down - yes, this happens even with German equipment. And our kindly provided guests and serious rivals with theirs.

As Hungarian IFAF President Jeno Kamuti told me, this time submissions are accepted from International Sports Federations, National Olympic Committees, competition organizers, athletes and coaches, journalists and even spectators at fairplaybeijing@fairplayinternational.o.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the awards will take place online, as expected shortly after the conclusion of the Winter Games.

Fair Play prizes for nobility await Olympians