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We suffer for past sins. Moldova national team coach

The head coach of the Moldova national team, Sergei Kleshchenko, answered questions from the media after the defeat to Kazakhstan in the first play-off of the League of Nations. His comment leads portal

The meeting was held in Chisinau and ended with the score 2:1 in favor of the Kazakh team. A video review of the match can be viewed here.

- We cannot be satisfied with the result. Before the game, we tuned in only for a positive result, even though the confrontation consists of two matches. But as it is, so it is. By and large, I do not raise my hand to reproach the team or individual players. However, the score is 1-2 and since the away goals rule is no longer there, we have a chance to fight away to go further,” he said.

- Why was Igor Armash absent from the application?

- Igor Armash and Denis Marandich had a temperature of 38.5 at night, and the doctors decided that both of them should stay at the base so that their condition does not worsen.

- Thank you for the fact that the team showed itself well and created more chances than in the last 4-5 matches. After such games, fans will return to the stadium again.

- Thank you. I said yesterday that we will try to make the fans, regardless of the result, come out satisfied with the team reacted to their work.

- What is the secret of the team's progress on the field?

- There are no secrets, and, by and large, there is no big progress either - the result is without progress. The formation of the team occurs through breaking and difficult periods. At the first stage, even when the game, desire and dedication appear, the result does not come yet. I told the guys in the locker room that we might be suffering for our past sins.

- Losing, you released one Gynsar on the field. There was no one to strengthen the attack?

- I did not want to change anything, because I was satisfied with what was happening on the football field. I would not have changed Misha Platika either, but I saw that he was not able to close certain areas in time, because he was tired. It was a forced replacement. Based on the nature of the game, I had no intention of making substitutions at all.

- Is the team already manageable for you or are there still some problems in communicating with the players in terms of the fact that they need to explain something additionally?

- I'm not going to manage the team at all, because this is not my method. I have never managed anyone, including teams. My task, by and large, is not to interfere with the players, because they can do everything and are quite qualified players. They need mutual understanding and trust in each other on the football field.

Sergey Maly, Andrey Karpovich and Bakhtiyor Zaynutdinov commented on the past game.

The return match will take place on March 29 in Nur-Sultan. Teams play for the right to remain in Division C of the League of Nations.

We suffer for past sins. Moldova national team coach