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Israel - Tehran - reporting at the risk of life

The Greater Middle East (, - Israeli Channel 12 aired hidden camera footage filmed in its name from Tehran, giving Israeli viewers a rare glimpse on Monday night of the massive protest movement sweeping Iran beyond last three weeks, The Times of Israel writes today, October 4.

It is not clear how the Israeli TV channel obtained the footage or exactly when it was filmed. Any interaction between an Iranian citizen and the Israeli media will be extremely negatively perceived by the Iranian authorities, the newspaper notes.

On Monday, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamenei, accused the United States and Israel of organizing the protests.

The unrest began after the death last month of 22-year-old Iranian Mahsa Amini in a police station, where she was taken because of a violation of the rules for wearing a hijab. Anger over the death of a girl with Kurdish ethnic roots has sparked the biggest wave of protests to rock Iran since November 2019.

The footage shown on Channel 12 begins with a cameraman, whose voice is distorted for security reasons, greeting Israeli correspondent on Palestinian affairs Ohad Hemo with the words: "Shalom Ohad, I'm with the protesters in Iran... I'm filming the protests from hidden camera. Then, the face of the operator, hidden by the mask, is shown for a short time. As he walks, the operator identifies both plainclothes and uniformed policemen who are preparing to quell the protesting crowd.

At least 92 protesters have been killed in the demonstrations, according to the Oslo-based group Iranian Human Rights (IHR). Earlier, the human rights organization Amnesty International said that it had received confirmation of the death of 53 people as a result of unrest in Iran. Iranian news agency Fars indicated last week that about 60 people were victims of street clashes. It is also reported that at least 12 members of the Islamic Republic's security forces have been killed since September 16.

Israel - Tehran - reporting at the risk of life