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Pope Calls for UN Reform: Doesn't Meet New Existing Reality

USA (, - Pope Francis considers it necessary to reform international organizations, in particular the UN. He wrote about this book “I ask you in the name of the Lord. Ten prayers for the future”, fragments of which were published today, October 16, by the newspaper La Stampa.

“When we talk about peace and security at the global level, the first organization we think of is the United Nations and, in particular, its Security Council,” the pontiff points out.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian crisis "once again demonstrated how necessary it is for the current multilateral structure to find more flexible and effective ways to resolve conflicts."

“The United Nations was created on the basis of a Charter that was designed to give form to the renunciation of the horrors experienced by mankind in the two wars of the 20th century. Today's world is no longer the same, it is necessary to rethink these institutions in such a way that they correspond to the new existing reality. The extent to which these reforms are needed has become more than clear since the pandemic, when the current multilateral system has shown all its limitations. We have a unique opportunity to think about and implement organic reforms aimed at ensuring that international organizations regain their most important calling - to serve the human family, take care of the common home, protect the life of every person and the world, ”said Francis.

The book, excerpts from which TASS cites, will be released on October 18.

Pope Calls for UN Reform: Doesn't Meet New Existing Reality