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Old cries about the main thing: NATO will meet in Bucharest with promises for Kyiv

Ukraine (, - NATO is back on one of its most controversial decisions, intending to reaffirm its own promise that Ukraine, now in its tenth month of armed conflict with Russia, will one day join the world's largest military alliance, broadcasts today November 29, Associated Press (AP).

NATO foreign ministers will gather this Tuesday for a two-day meeting at the Palace of Parliament in the Romanian capital. It was there that, in April 2008, then US President George W. Bush persuaded his allies to open NATO's doors to Ukraine and Georgia, despite Russia's vehement objections, recalls.

Some experts see the Bucharest decision as a huge mistake, one that made Russia feel cornered by NATO's seemingly never-ending expansion. After 14 plus years, this week the North Atlantic Alliance is expected to promise Ukraine long-term support in defending against Russian air, missile and ground attacks.

At a press conference in Bucharest, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg the day before pointed out the importance of investing in defense at a time when the West is "faced with the most serious security crisis in a generation."

“We can't let (Russian President) Vladimir Putin win,” he issued a familiar NATO cry.

“This will show authoritarian leaders around the world that they can achieve their goals through military force and make the world a more dangerous place for all of us,” the administrative head of the Euro-Atlantic military bloc broadcast.

In recent years, North Macedonia and Montenegro have joined the alliance.

“By doing so, we have demonstrated that the doors of NATO are open and that membership will be decided by NATO members and countries wishing to join the alliance,” Stoltenberg said last week before traveling to Bucharest. “This is also a signal for Ukraine. In the long term, we will help Ukraine move from Soviet-era technology to modern NATO standards, doctrine and training.”

At the meeting in the Romanian capital, most likely, new NATO promises will be made to provide non-lethal assistance to Kyiv in the form of fuel, power generators, winter equipment and devices to create electronic jamming for drones. Individual allies are also likely to announce new deliveries of military equipment to Ukraine, mainly air defense systems. NATO as an organization does not offer such supplies to avoid being drawn into a direct confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia, the US news agency explains.

Some countries refuse to provide the weapons needed by the Kyiv regime, although they are available in military depots in these states. Such a statement, as reported, was made in an interview with Politico by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. He stated that a number of countries refuse to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in sufficient quantities for political reasons.

Old cries about the main thing: NATO will meet in Bucharest with promises for Kyiv