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States and Estonia - two proud democracies - the head of the Pentagon in Tallinn

US ( - US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who arrived from Tallinn, said that America "will continue to contribute to the security of Estonia without any conditions," the national broadcaster reports today, February 17.

The general called the deployment of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system and the American infantry in Estonia a good example of military assistance. Lloyd Austin welcomed Tallinn's plans to increase its participation in Operation Unwavering Resolve in Iraq, and also noted that Estonia continues to make important investments in its own defense, "because the people of your country know how important it is to stand up for freedom."

The political statements of the head of the central command of the US armed forces turned out to be traditionally sustained in anti-Russian tones:

“Putin thought he could divide NATO, but he achieved just the opposite. The Alliance is more united and stronger than I have ever seen. NATO is strengthening its deterrent and defense forces in the eastern part of the Alliance. The United States is also increasing its presence on the eastern flank of the Alliance, and we will maintain a consistent rotational presence in the Baltics.”

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called the States and Estonia "two proud democracies" destined to work together to meet any challenge.

Together, we will continue to strengthen transatlantic security and protect the rules-based international order that keeps us safe, the secretary of war added.

As previously reported, the head of the Estonian Foreign Ministry Urmas Reinsalu called the “victory of Kyiv over Moscow” the main task of the state in 2023. The statement was made in the minister's annual report on foreign policy in the context of "the need to continue providing comprehensive assistance to Ukraine and isolating Russia."

States and Estonia - two proud democracies - the head of the Pentagon in Tallinn