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The head of Electronic Arts announced the absence of current plans for the NFT

While the NFT hysteria is in full swing, the gaming industry cannot figure out where to screw it and what to do with it. During the presentation of a report on EA's financial performance to investors, the head of Electronic Arts expressed doubts about the bright future of non-fungible tokens.

But just three months ago, Andrew Wilson called games with NFTs and the use of blockchain technologies in games in general the future of this market. And although the company did not officially announce such developments in any way, it was clear from the words of the head of EA that the company was going to take aim at the technology.

But, apparently, the failures and backlash against NFT items - the failure of their sales by Ubisoft, the abandonment of them in the unreleased STALKER 2, the abandonment of them by the developers of the game Worms and various scams with this technology could cool down the desire of EA and its CEO to cash in on collectibles. with non-renewable tokens in their games.

Andrew Wilson answered a question about investing in blockchain games:

“I believe that collectibles will continue to be an important part of our industry and the games and experiences we offer to our players. And I think of it this way: we want to give players the best experience we can. So we'll evaluate it over time, but right now it's not what we're aiming for."

And in this he is right, different gaming companies have long had a market for various game items, skins and other paid variety. And the screwed NFT technology will not give anything new in this.

I also want to cancel - NFT technology is currently not regulated by the laws of many countries. Therefore, this label does not affect the possession of even a virtual object as the intellectual property of the publisher. Which in turn is regulated by the legislation of various countries.

The head of Electronic Arts announced the absence of current plans for the NFT