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Russian companies may be allowed to pay for export and import operations in cryptocurrency:

It may very well be that in the near future Russia will legalize payments in cryptocurrency. True, not for everyone, but for legal entities that pay for goods, work or services under foreign trade agreements. In other words, we are talking about payments for export-import operations.

The current version of the draft law of the Ministry of Finance “On Digital Currency” does not provide for the use of cryptocurrency in Russia to pay for goods, work or services - it is considered solely as an investment tool. However, the bill contains a clause that the ban is in effect "unless otherwise provided by this law." Referring to this, the Federal Tax Service suggested that the Ministry of Finance make an exception for business and supplement the document with the following provision: “Legal entities are allowed to pay for goods, work, services under foreign trade agreements and receive proceeds from foreign entities in digital currency.” At the same time, it is necessary to acquire and sell digital money for rubles in crypto wallets and on crypto exchanges, according to the tax service amendments.

The Ministry of Finance partially supported the idea, pointing out that the issue needs to be worked out, discussed and, possibly, regulated in other laws.

According to Maxim Bashkatov, head of the Legal Development department of the CSR, full synchronization of legal regulation is not necessary for foreign trade transactions with cryptocurrency, it is enough that the laws of the countries of counterparties in the transaction allow the use of digital money as a means of payment. For such calculations, most likely, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be used.

According to the expert, the key problem is not the negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies from other countries, but that this can be regarded as an attempt to circumvent sanctions against Russia. The United States, the EU and Japan pointed out the inadmissibility of this.

Russian companies may be allowed to pay for export and import operations in cryptocurrency: